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  1. I bought this slightly used from guitar center and I love it, there is a lot of complaints on this due to needing the app to run it and I was a little bit standing off on it due to that fact, but I just got a new phone and took the old one cleaned it up and dedicated to the purpose of running this pedal, and I am addicted. Understand fully this product is very good sounding with stunning effects and models. The tones in the cloud are made from people just like me and you, once your in you can tweak a sound and share it or store for personal use or both. It really is unlimited in the patches you can play, but more important is the patches are made by people who are using this thing to play the songs they tweaked the song for, so they are quite genuine. Sure there is a lot of crap but there is also a lot great stuff. what you don't like is easily edited to what you want,
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