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  1. Phil - ah, that's great! Was not aware of that section of the block. Yes, output Main Out block defaults to 0dB with +20dB of headroom! Thanks for this answer.
  2. I have my Pod Go USB going into my iMac (OSX 10.14.4) running Logic pro X (10.4.4). When I record the USB Audio input from the Pod Go unit - either Input 1-2 with the processing, or the Input 3-4 with the dry signal - I don't seem to have any control over the level over the signal. The volume knob on the hardware unit does nothing. In my System Preferences under Sound, it shows that there is no Input Level control for the Pod Go (I have a Rode USB mic, and the input level control occurs here). Am I just stuck with the default input level the Pod Go generates? Depending on the patch, it seems to be limited around -18dB.
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