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  1. Thanks a lot for your help, I will still think about trying it with a TS cable
  2. Hello Thanks for all your advice, I'm going to buy a new TRS cable to be sure and I'll also test the tip/ring settings. I may avoid trying with a TS cable, because the amp is not guaranteed anymore. Je vais croiser les doigts pour espérer avoir de la chance et que cela fonctionne. By the way, what country are you from? I'm from France Thanks a lot François
  3. Hello thank you for your answer I did use a cable with two rings. I did not try to change the settings of the "Select" parameter ("Tip", "Ring", etc.) in Command Center when you assign "Command'="Ext Amp", I will see this point and try to change parameters. The footswitch of the blackstar has a cable with two rings. (see attached pictures) When I change the amp channel with the blackstrap pedal, there is no noise.
  4. Hello I have a problem of big noise and breath with my HX effect when I connect it to my BLACKSTAR HT20 amp head to control the channel change. I take out the HX effect from the "PEDAL: EXTAMP2" socket with a TS cable (with 2 rings) and I put it into the amp head in the "FOOTSWITCH IN" socket. The change of channel works but as soon as I turn on the amp I have a big background noise and breath. Can someone help me? thanks in advance François (from France)
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