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  1. Hi all Sorry I posted this originally in the wrong section. I have just purchased a 112 version to compliment my Pod go when it arrives. upon trying it out with my original kidney pod I am struggling to see how it will loud enough for gigs. I am hoping the gain on the pod go will be sufficient but just wondering who else has the same set up and how you are getting on with it. Thanks
  2. Hi all I have a Pod go on order which I am looking forward to getting. i have recently purchased a power cab 112 to compliment it however, it doesn’t appear very loud. I have and old pod 2 which I have used through the amp but I don’t think I will have enough clean headroom for live situations. i also have an old Digitec multi fx with some cabinet modelling which is louder than the pod however I a bit concerned going forward. is anyone else using the pod go and powercab in their setup.? Thanks.
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