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  1. Bingo, that worked! Thanks for the help!
  2. Thanks for the link, I'll give it a shot when I get home later today. It's a weird enough situation that it may just be something like that.
  3. Turned off all firewalls/antivirus etc with no change.
  4. So far I have installed both, installed just VST2, installed just VST3, with no change.
  5. Wondering if anyone else has had similar issues and found a solution. I'm running on a fresh install of windows 10 Pro (1 week old) using Cubase 9 Pro 64 bit with latest updates. Basic comp specs are 4930k, 32gb ram, SSD drives. Using UAD Apollo quad interface. When I try to insert Helix (VST3) on a channel it just gives me an error message and pops up a tiny plugin window that can't be resized or used at all (as in attached pics). When I try the VST2 version I don't get the error, but I get the same tiny plugin window. I've reached out to Line6, but their only response was to reinstall, which I've tried multiple times. Any thoughts?
  6. Downloaded and installed on my system. Cubase 9, windows 10 pro 64. The VST3 version crashes when trying to insert the VST into a channel. The VST2 version doesn't crash but bring up\ tiny little window that can't be expanded so I am unable to use the plugin. I've restarted, reinstalled etc. This is a fresh reinstall of Windows as well (maybe 1 week old).
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