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  1. Hi John, and welcome to the forum! Apologies for my late reply. Assuming that you have a UX1 that is registered in your name you should be able to download it via the links above. If you don't have any registered hardware I think you're out of luck, you'd have to pay for it. Cheers, Treb
  2. Hi Guys, and welcome to the forum Troy! Gearbox was replaced by Podfarm in around 2008 I think, and if memory serves me correctly the upgrade was free. Give it a try, you'll have to go to the software download page (https://line6.com/software/index.html) and download the Line 6 License Manager, install, run it and log in and take it from there. Your UX-1 needs to be connected and authorized. If that doesn't work there is also a Line 6 Monkey and a Line 6 Updater that you can try. Good Luck! Cheers, Treb
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