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  1. I just purchased from a private party the Spider V60 MKII amp that came with a Line 6 G10T. After installing the new firmware for the amp and relay I began encountering this same issue. I tested the relay on my Traveler guitar (EG-1) , Ibanez semi hollow body (AGS7T), and LTD bass (B-404), all have the same hiss. Using a regular 1/4" mono cable I didn't encounter any of these issues so I'm sure it is the G10T relay. Notes: -The hiss is much worse on presets with higher gains. - Any sound that uses "drive" has a hiss. - lowering the drive volume completely eliminates the hiss when using the G10. Of course that also completely eliminates the distortion so it's not a solution. - I noticed it on several of the chorus presets as well. - WORKAROUND? -lowering the drive completely and then gradually raising it you can find a level just below the preset drive level that doesn't have as bad of a hiss. again this isn't really a fix since you won't get the sound you are looking for without the same level of gain.. Any tips would be appreciated. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also I should note that the G10T does not accept a signal from the Traveler guitars internal sounds ( CLEAN, DISTORTION), instead a green light will continuously blink. It (G10T) will only work when the selector on the Traveler Guitar is in the "off" position. A regular 1/4" mono cable will transmit the internal sounds to the amp ( Spider V60 MKII). -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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