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  1. Hi, I have just unboxed my new Pod Go and started exploring what it can do. One of the first things I tried was hooking it up to my MacBook to record some stuff into Garageband. But I can not seem to get it working. All I am hearing when playing are loud synthetic beeps. Pod Go is connected through the USB port to the mac I just updated to the latest firmware When playing through the headphone jack or main out from the Go everything sounds fine I have selected Pod Go as the input device in Mac OS. In Garageband, I have set up a single "audio" track for recording, and chosen channels 1+2 as input A "soundwave" shows up when recording, but it looks all blocky and nothing like a natural sound signal Is there some other setting/config I am missing? If not, what would be the next steps for troubleshooting? Cheers \Knut
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