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  1. Nope cables plug in both sides to guitar and amp,the high gain amp especially,the high pitch is unbearable,i need to engage the noise gate everytime and it works for now
  2. Not that hum and noise its really high pitch,the sound that usually comes out if we go near a speaker
  3. Hi i need help here,i cant figure out what the problem here,there is a significantly high pitch noise when the overall volume is at 50 percent and the amp drive at 100 percent
  4. It would be great if line 6 can do that maybe in a future line 6 will meake an update about it, thanks a lot
  5. Hi i kmow its pretty silly question here,but is there anyway i could add a subwoofer or adjust the 12 inch celestion to be a bit responsive? Thanks
  6. Hi restoring the factory state and it solves everything,weird after last night update to the 2.1 it gives headache
  7. Lost in data connection between the remote and the device,it always said that Help
  8. So ive tried uninstall the program and do it again still i can play the music in the amplifi i just cant acess the guitar tone in it,and it idetects my amplifi but it said no connection Please help
  9. Is there anyway i can enhance the bluetooth connection? The disconnect and connect things really annoying
  10. Ah thanks a lot,but here goes another problem after i update the device, My ipad can connect to the device for listening to music and multimedia but it dont want to sync to the ipad amplifi to setup the amps and stuff Need help here,been restarting a few times
  11. Hi everyone Kindda need help here with the confusion,just got amplifi 150 yesterday and there are issues that i want to ask 1. Why does the bluetooth connection seems to be breaking off every now and then? 2. And ive updated the device with the 2.10 version and realize that i can also update it with the earliest version such as the the version 1 with the bluetooth issue in it So do i need to update all the patch? Or just the latest one? Ive tried the version 1 this morning and it failed to update the device Thanks
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