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  1. Hi Guys, I am VERY DISAPPOINTED with lack of MIDI program change output mapping I am a pro guitar player and a recent user of the HD500x. I purchased it to use directly to the mixboard using amp and cab simulation, and I'm quite pleased with that. I gig it this way in a band where we all use in-ear monitoring system, no need for amp. Right now I'm trying to setup the HD to be used only as a FX processor through the amp's fx loop (no amp or cab modeling, no distortion, only reverbs, delays and modulation), to replace my old TC Electronic Nova System. I use MIDI for amp channel switching (directly to an amp with MIDI IN or through a MIDI-to-relay device). Nowadays, many amps have MIDI IN for channel switching (as my Blackstar Series One 45) and none has input-mapping. I'm not going to get technical here, if you know about this stuff you should figure out what this limitation implies I'm back with the TC Electronic Nova System for this purpose, decent MIDI implementation. This is stupid! Line 6, please include MIDI output mapping in further updates! It's 2016 already!
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