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  1. 100%. This would be a huge improvement. I've resorted to using a multiband eq pedal but without the ability to target specific strings it's of limited utility. To be honest, I only use the JTV acoustic models for recording (which are really convincing)--haven't been able to get tones I can live with using any of the other models.
  2. Got my new JTV-59, as expected seeing the same issue with the low E-string. To me this reflects well on Line-6's build consistency and negatively on the 2 Jazzbox bodies :). Something is definitely weird there: the Jazz Seventy Five body has an overly bright 6th string while the Jazz Super Four has an extremely muddy one. The good news is that, strung up with 12 guage flatwounds, all the models still sound good to my ears and I was able to find some decent mellow jazz tones using other bodies.
  3. @fjs1962 forgot to mention, raising the action was one of my first adjustments and you're totally right, it did improve things immediately.
  4. Thanks for the great info. I'm still using the original stock strings (10s I think) but am planning switching to 12 or 13s once my replacement jtv-59 arrives next week (instrument I received was the wrong color). First thing I did was reduce the global string level using the lester models, ending up with somewhere between -10 and -12 db. For me the 1 and 3 strings were louder than others. So far I'm impressed with the strat, tele, and acoustic sounds, less so with the jazzbox and semi sounds. I've spent several hours trying to get a decent jazz sound (I'm mostly a jazz player), tweaking everything including pickups, bodies, polarity, tone resistance/capacitance, etc. but haven't really found anything usable thus far unfortunately. The inconsistency of the 6 string, very noticeable piezo nasally quack of strings 4-6, and the inability to tweak the EQ of individual strings has beaten me down so far. I absolutely love the ability to change tunings on the fly though, that's the killer feature for me. Anyway, I'll report back when I get my new axe and string it up with fatter flatwounds. I realize that it's not the recommended setup and likely will destroy any semblance of authenticity for the other models but if I can get a usable jazz tone that will be good enough for me.
  5. I'm definitely seeing this too on my new jtv-59, very noticeable on the jazz boxes, especially on the es-175-ish (Jazz Seventy Five body) models. Luckily it's not as pronounced on the casino (Jazz Super Four body) but still there. For all of them I'm fighting a strange nasally kind of tone that I'm hoping to alleviate with some EQing but have yet to try. Any pointers for getting a decent sounding jazz tone?
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