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  1. Hi, I tried this and it doesn't work. It still doesn't show the Helix available as an option for output in the sound settings.
  2. I am running into an issue where my laptop refuses to recognize Helix as an audio interface/device I can output audio to. For example, when I try to listen to audio via the headphones plugged in to my Helix, the audio plays through my laptop speakers instead. This wasn't the case when I had a laptop that used Windows 10. Unfortunately, I no longer have that laptop. I looked inside Windows Device Manager and found the following errors (see images below). I looked them up but don't know how to resolve them. I also tried the update drivers option but it says that all the drivers are up to date. I have redownloaded HX Edit 3 times now, once after disabling Windows Smart Screen, and it hasn't made any difference. I have also tried every available USB port on my laptop. I am running Windows 11 as my operating system, and I verified that it is supported for HX Edit 3.15. I am very confused about how to resolve this and would greatly appreciate any help.
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