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  1. Problem solved. Cable that came with the expression pedal is a TS cable, not a TRS cable
  2. Ok so I think it's something to do with the cables I'm using. I have two cables, a TRS cable (at least I think that it's a TRS cable) that came with an expression pedal that I bought (line 6 pedal) and a TRS Y cable that I bought when I bought the mosky switch. I have my fs 4 and fs 5 set to change presets up and down (fs4 is down, fs5 is up). This is what happens: When I plug the cable in that came with the expression pedal only fs 5 (right hand switch) works, the presets change up but not down When I plug in the y cable I get preset up with one of the y cable ends and when I use the other y cable end I can change preset down but only using the one switch (right hand switch). Has anyone got any ideas why this is happening?
  3. Unless I pull the cable out slightly then both buttons do the same thing
  4. Tried setting mine to the same settings in the screen shot and the same thing occurs - button on the right functions but the button on the left does nothing
  5. Ok, I tried that and it does exactly as you describe. So if I have fs4 set to bank down and fs5 set to bank up when the cable is plugged in correctly fs 4 will not do anything and fs 5 will bank up. If I take the cable out and just rest it both buttons will bank up. Do you think my switch or cable is dodgy?
  6. Hi All, Hope someone can help. I have recently bought a mosky 2 button switch to expand my HX Stomp but I can only get 1 of the switches on the mosky to work. I have checked in global settings and FS4 and FS5 are both set up correctly. I'm connecting the mosky to the stomp via a TRS cable. I have also tried a TRS Y Cable and have exactly the same problem.
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