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  1. Sorry if this topic has previously been addressed. I tried a number of searches but found nothing. I'm using my new Helix as a USB audio interface, and it is working with audio sources great. My PC is Win10 with Reaper as my DAW, Intel i7-9750H 6 -core CPU, and 8GB RAM. The Helix is plugged directly into a USB 3.0 port, not via a hub, using the provided USB cable. The problem is with MIDI note data. I have my (admittedly ancient) Roland MKB-300 controller connected via the Helix's 5-pin USB In port. Reaper is dropping MIDI notes often when I play only moderately fast on the keyboard, especially when playing multiple notes with my right hand. I have the Helix's MIDI Base Channel set to Omni, and MIDI Thru is on. MIDI over USB is on and MIDI Send is set to MIDI and USB. I have tried setting Reaper's buffer count higher, but this has not helped. Any suggestions on how this might be fixed, or am I expecting too much of the Helix's USB or MIDI capabilities?
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