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  1. Thanks for the reply. I don't want to connect speakers direct to PG as part of this is to replace PC speakers as well. I do have mild latency issues with the PG as my interface, thinking a dedicated unit may prove better as it's far from pushing PC performance.
  2. Hi all, I am wanting to replace the speakers I have on my PC and will be going for a pair of active studio monitors. Initially I thought to go for the Scarlett Solo interface route PG into that and speakers out, USB to PC. I have then thought I could save some cash. Get a cheaper desktop mixer for half the price of the solo and use the line out of PC into that and speakers out, using PG as interface for guitar into PC via USB. Question is, will the Scarlett Solo give me any benefits over the PG as an interface? Better latency, quality etc? Also, any down sides of the mixer approach? Thanks all.
  3. Hi all, In the user guide I was looking at what models each pod go amp/pedal is based on and noticed that some are shaded with a lighter shade of their given colour, others a sharker shade. What does this denote? Thanks all.
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