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  1. I own a Katana MK2 Head and cabinet and love it. For Christmas my wife bought me the POD HD PRO X rack unit so I could do some home recording. I'm wondering if I can somehow use both together to take advantage of the tones and amps in the POD? I can't seem to find a lot of videos on Youtube that relate.. Thanks....
  2. I have a question and am wondering if someone knows this answer: I have a Katana MK2 100 Watt Head and 110W Cab, I'd like to run my POD HD PRO X through the Effects loop to take advantage of the additional effects. How do I use that in conjunction with my modeling amp? Is there a foot switch that will allow me to switch between presets on the Katana MK2 and the POD or how would I do that? I'm new to effects processing and so could use all the help I can get. Thanks in Advance...
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