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  1. considering my lower cost set up I probably won't care about latency.... but the remaining issue is price... I will pay 450$ for a box but that is IT... no more unless its much better..The hx is overpriced.... I have a few bids in...so far no takers...new should be 425, used about 390.....
  2. but I appreciate the info anyway..I would never be recording my keyboard midi and my guitar at the same time and I don't gig live so ..... is the latency on the Stomp really bad ???
  3. Thinking about buying the stomp....need info...I know you can monitor all your DAW guitar playing and playback(Cubase) but can you use the Stomp as you overall interface? I mean by using the headphone jack on the Stomp can you do your midi stuff and your guitar tracks and playback/edit etc and monitor all your tracks thru it like you would a regular interface???? and also..is the headphone/DAC set up in the Stomp as good as say a Steinberg interface(I used to have one )????What do I need to know regarding this??? thanks
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