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  1. Thanks for the link, it's pretty well explained :)
  2. Wow, that was about the pickups! Didn't even know that was a thing to be honest, I'm feeling kinda dumb. They were pretty close to the strings, I just lowered them from 3mm, and it totally changed everything. Gotta tune all my pickups now! Really happy that L6 has such a great community, you guys really made my day :) Big thanks to all of you for the help!
  3. Here they are ;) I modified some "base" presets but not too much ANGL Meteor.hlx Line 6 Elektrik.hlx PV Panama.hlx Ola EnglPeenisLu Modified.hlx
  4. I tried with 3 different guitars, Ibanez ARC - Ibanez RGD - PRS SE Custom 24-7, no active one, pretty different ranges of price --> same thing I tested my cables on my analog gear, and the sound is great, can't hear anything strange...
  5. Yes! I once tried XLR output through my Focusrite but tbh it's pretty useless, and doesn't change the sound.
  6. Yep sorry, I checked and it doesn't go beyond 50%. And the levels in the chain are set at 0dB and around 5-6 for the volume. I recorded a bit more, with those presets: -ANGL Meteor -L6 Elektrik -PV Panama -Englund Test Helix.mp3
  7. You can find a little extract in the first post (based on Ola Englund preset called OlaEnglPeenisLu, just enabled a high cut on the cab + global eq) but I'll send more later today. However, pretty much any preset that uses disto produces the same kind of "noise", for example the ANGL Meteor or L6 Badonk... even crunchy ones have the same problem to me. Thing is, I don't hear this thing when listening to people on YouTube playing on the Helix.
  8. You're right there's some info missing: -For this record I used the Helix usb right into my computer, recorded with audacity, that usually doesn't clip with any of my other means of record. -The exact same sound appears with the XLR Output (I tried it into a Focusrite), the headphone output, and the 1/4 output. -I tested the cables on other gear, they do not seem to have any problem. -Output at 0dB
  9. Hello guys! First of all, sorry for my English. I've been a proud new helix user for about two weeks. I'm most of all really happy with it, but I must admit that there is some big issue for me... I'm a metalhead, so I love really high gain (was using pedals lige Metal Muff and things like that before) so I naturally tried to do a Metal preset. Rythmics are great (they're gonna be awesome later), but when I try to play high notes (like G string over fret 12) they really sound bad, like they are vibrating. I tried different presets (factory ones + Ola Englund ones) with different guitars, from really high gain to crunch, still the same kind of bad sounding high notes. Once there is distortion, even a little bit, they sound bad. I tried to find a solution over the internet, I tried things like high cut (global + on cab), turn the pad on, etc, but it doesn't seem to solve my problem. Does someone have a solution? I really need some help over this :'( I attach a sound file to kind of illustrate what I'm saying. Helix High Notes.mp3
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