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  1. Just purchased a new Amp here in Canada and I am pretty disappointed with the lack of transparency from line 6. First the amp had very outdated firmware. Seriously you sell an new amp with a very outdated firmware so it cannot connect to a blue tooth device when purchased. Next discovery was that I needed a Microsoft Windows computer or a Mac to update the firmware. I have not owned a Microsoft computer in years, and I have no interest in Apple computers either. I use linux and have for years. And lets not forget the need to have an outdate USB cable. Yes every household in Canada has a spare USB cable kicking around. Called the vendor and they told me they only sell them they cannot update the firmware. Lucky I was able to track down a Microsoft Windows 7 Laptop. The lack of documentation to update the Amplifi firmware is a disgrace. What a way to treat customers. It would very helpful for customers to know that windows 7 requires a device driver for the amp to be recognized via USB. Yes I finally got the firmware updated. But it would have been nice to know from the get go that this amp would not function until the firmware was updated.
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