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  1. hey codamedia thanks for that I know all too well about travel adapters. While those work, the DC-3 is made in such a way that they just flop around in those travel adapters.....I currently have one stuck on with electrical tape, which works but makes an already poor design worse. the proper one 'clips' on to the dc-3 and has a lower profile which is beneficial and also ensures a better connection. Yup I will probably buy a different adapter altogether but this was just a last ditch effort to find one....
  2. Thanks for that stevenangier - I might look in to that as another option. Call me weird but if I can have the proper rig I'd rather that, however something like you posted might be worth it! Really appreciate the link jacktravelling yeah I'm stuck in this boat too and feel your pain. If I can find them I'll let you know and send you one no worries :) :)
  3. Hey amenity421 does the adapter peice you have look like the one near the arrow here? Like, it clips on to the power supply?? I'm desperately looking for one also and can't find anything at all anywhere. Crazy!!!
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