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  1. so yes, I think you've got it. I did not see the fs1 + fs2 thing. I did change fs3 to stomp3 because that was required to set up my jet hx midi switch. I don't even really know what the stomp3 setting does, but if it means I can't use the fs3 for tap tempo then that kind of sucks. I did have bypasses programmed in but I probably undid them when I was trying to figure out what I did wrong. thanx for the help, now I know where to start.
  2. thanx guys, I thought I was missing something in the setup. I will reset and report back.
  3. noob here trying to get this set up. somehow my footswitch modes are screwed up. they are supposed to look like in the picture from the manual. but mine have the wrong commands (stomp mode has snapshots instead of bypass or assignments and no tap/tuner) or just altogether blank (scroll mode has no commands)? i don't see in the manual how you can edit these modes?
  4. i find it strange that for us bass players there is such a limited range of preamp pedals. the sansamp DI is a nice inclusion, but for some strange reason they made it version 1 which has NO midrange controls, the most crucial eq area for bassists, which is why sansamp changed it to the better version 2. could we at least get the updated version 2?
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