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  1. Thanks ok I have looked at line six monkey and I am fully up to date. I will check periodically. Thanks for your help
  2. Just bought a JtV69 and love it but would like to play the guitar through my computer instead of an Amp. I have downloaded Monkey and Workbench and connected the Guitar and I get the Workbench screen and when changing through pick up the guitar picture changes so I know its connected but no sound. If this is not an option then does Line 6 offer any suitable unit for my variax that I can buy. One more thing is when I first connected my New Variax I saw a bar download screen, I take it this is how I update the latest software onto my Guitar am I correct or do I have to click elsewhere. Thanks Rich
  3. Hi I would like to put lighter gauge strings on my New JTV69 and have ordered some 9 - 42 gauge but read on another Forum that this would ruin the guitar set up and intonation. does it make such a massive difference as I am not techy and would have no idea on setting a guitar up
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