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  1. Hi, this advice helped a lot! And it worked. Since i only use 4 patches w/stompbox mode it was not so much work to do. Thanks Auge
  2. Thanks for your answer. Volume stays open when i use the internal pedal. Don't need to readjust. Using my AFX w/two Expression Pedals it also does not reset the pedal values so i tought its the same w/500x But if there is no solution i stay with the internal. Not the optimum but i can handle it.
  3. Hi Guys, since i cannot regulate the Volume during using the buildt in Pedal as WahWah i wanna add an external Expression Pedal for Volume (And use the one on board just for wah). So i plugged in another expression pedal and it works fine BUT when i change channel the volume is reseted to zero. That means i need to move the external pedal a little bit again to have the same volume as i had before channel switching. Thats not useful. Is there a way to change that behaviour? Thanks in advance Auge
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