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  1. Oh I see, I will get XLR to TRS and try again. The noise is not related to the Korg as I get the same noise if used with other devices such as TASCAM recorder. Both XLR ->XLR and TS->TRS Both same noise. Again if I use phantom it sounds good. Thanks a bunch Sheriton Vivi
  2. Thank you guys for your detailed information. I did read the (f)manual :) but it wasn’t clear for me to understand. I did actually use phantom power and it sounded great. But now I read that it doesn’t need phantom power and that it can actually damage my Line6. Luckily it didn’t cause any damage. I tried going into my korg /mic level using XLR to TR cable but had the the same issue i.e weak signal and a lot of noise if I lift up the gain. So now I am confused :) Again sorry ( can see the rolling eyes) , this is a new world for me. vivi
  3. Ian, Wow that is some new information. I had no clue that the xlr output is intended to feed into a preamp. in my case I am feeding into my Korg Kronos where I want to apply some effects, from there into my camera to sync it with the video. I do have a Fireface 400 preamp, and the camera also provides phantom power. The Korg unfortunately not. So I guess I should go into my Fireface 400 first then Korg, then camera? Or use 1/4 directly to my Korg? I haven’t understood the difference between preamp and amplifier to be honest. thanks for your help! vivi
  4. Hi folks, I am not very familiar with audio so forgive me if I ask a stupid question. For my live- streaming session I bought a XD-V75L but I struggle to get a good sound. My audio level is very low ( barely goes above first line in the meter) . The only option I found is in the receiver “ output level”. But I am looking for input level though. Since I didn’t find it, I put the output level to +12db. But then I get really bad noise. Any advice how to set it up to get good sound with minimal noise? Appreciated, vivi
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