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  1. Just a quick note that @jinxjinxsen's file is identical to mine, with no additional changes, so it can be trusted.
  2. I've patched "Spider V Remote.exe" executable few minutes ago to make it work without Fiddler. While Google's no longer responds with 200 OK, Cloudflare's still does and this allows to fix this issue very easily. Use freeware Tiny Hexer (or any other hex file editor) and follow these steps: - Make a backup copy of "Spider V Remote.exe" - Make a working copy of "Spider V Remote.exe" to some folder where you don't need Administrator privileges (Documents, Desktop etc.) - Open this working copy of "Spider V Remote.exe" file with Tiny Hexer - Jump to 0x05E106 using Ctrl+G - Carefully replace all four "8" with "1", don't touch any other characters - See attached images for verification - Save "Spider V Remote.exe" - Replace original "Spider V Remote.exe" with your modified working copy Now your Spider V Remote should use internet connection again.
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