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  1. Hi there. Ive been playing around with the various ways of controlling parameters and stomp-boxes using the Helix Control. I came across a great setting (Stomp/Snap) where i can assign stomp-boxes to the top row of foot-switches and snapshots to the bottom row of foot-switches. What I'd now like to do is utilise the Bank Up / Bank Down foot-switches for the same purpose (A stomp-box at the top and a snapshot at the bottom). I can do this if i'm purely in stomp-box mode but can't seem to do it when i'm in Stomp/Snap mode. Is it possible ? can anyone help ? Thanks
  2. thanks buddy. yes am playing it live but with 1 guitar only. I was gonna set the acoustic going on a loop then switch snapshots onto the electric with riff+delay. I'm not sure if I can pull it off though so may need to rethink. The main riff with delay is a proper 'hook' in the song so need to nail that down as a bare minimum. thanks again.
  3. Yes spot on. Acoustic for the main strum and then an Electric for the riff with delay. Its the delay settings that I've struggled with (the timing plus i think there is a very precise amount of fade out). If i can crack the delay im going to have a go at creating 2 snapshots. 1st snapshot will be an acoustic with a looper, and the 2nd snapshot will be an electric with delay (and volume boost). any help man would be ace (especially with the delay)
  4. Hi there, Has anyone come close to creating a preset that matches the guitar sound from The Verve's song "Lucky Man". I've tried and tried but just can't seem to get the delay right. i.e delay type, delay time, repeats and how long for etc Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks Mark .
  5. Hi there. I've just bought a helix rack and am starting to get my head around how things work etc. I've used the 'Updater' to bring the Rack bang up to date, but noticed that the FACTORY 2 presets now include about 38 presets which are simply called 'NEW PRESET' (which appear to be blank). I don't remember seeing these before. They start from 23D and go all the way up to 32D. Is this correct or has something gone wrong with the Updater ? I only ask because I don't remember scrolling through these previously. Thanks Mark p.s. is there a full list of all FACTORY 1 and FACTORY 2 presets which is maintained / updated ?
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