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  1. Mystery will continue to be a mystery. They sent an actual HD500X. Got it for a steal, no regrets.
  2. Got the shipping confirmation today and should arrive by Tuesday. You can look at the eBay listing here to see the photos close up.
  3. Just purchased a HD500 Special Edition from eBay and couldn't find any information about it online. It was advertised as a HD500X and has the exact same look as the X, but it says Special Edition on it instead (pic attached). I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about this particular machine. I haven't received it yet so I can't hook it up to a computer to see what it gets recognized as. My guess is that either this model was sold exclusively for a particular retailer or it's some sort of prototype. Bought it for a song so even if it's no better than the HD500 then I still got a great deal.
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