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  1. I understand not knowing the prices, but could you tell me what those 4 things might be?
  2. I checked the knob nuts, they are tight. Do you have an idea of cost per each 4 possibilities? It is my 1st Line 6 product, and I absolutely love this amp. I would like to fix it. I won it on eBay this week with the FBV2 footswitch for a steal at $259 shipped. They still bring $700 -$900 depending on condition. Thank you for the quick response, I am anxious to hear your 4 possibilities and cost guesstimates. I live an hour and a half from Nashville Line 6 repair shop.
  3. I have the exact same problem on the exact same amp. Anyone know what it is? I read it could be the tubes but the amp performs perfectly tube-wise... no weird noises or lack of power, anything like that, they sound great and are very quiet when not playing. I read that someone had this problem and changing the tubes, even the right ones properly biased had no effect on the issue so I am reluctant to try since it sounds great. I bought it used, and have no idea how old they are so they they might need changing anyways. I just don't want to throw good money after bad as I can still return the amp to the seller (they did not indicate any issues and listed it only as used). Any advice?
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