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  1. Don't worry, you don't have to ignore me. I'm done with this forum and won't be back. To the couple of people who were polite and gave me suggestions, I thank you. To all the people who have had nothing but negative comments, critiqued why I would even want such a thing, critiqued the way I choose to write and use my gear, critiqued how I choose to use my time, or just took the time to make fun of a perfect stranger I can tell you this. I may not use this forum more than once every couple of years but I'm heavily involved in the music community and have been for 30 years. Virtually all of my friends are musicians and none are active on "music forums". Why?... because of nameless, faceless jackasses like you guys who have nothing better to do than troll around looking for people to make fun of. You're punks who use the internet to say things you'd never have the balls to say to someones face. Get over yourselves...
  2. It's official! This forum is FULL of "experts" filled with helpful input.
  3. I will eventually do that. I have some freedom at work where I can spend some time on the internet. When I'm at home and have time to work on music I prefer to spend it on writing and playing, not building presets but thanks for your critique on my time management.
  4. I would love an Excel form with an amp column (if there are two, just list two), and 8 effects columns organized by order of how they are stored in the POD (although it was an Excel doc you could sort it however you wanted). Not sure I agree. As you pointed out it would be a list 256 lines long. Again, someone at Line6 created all these. They've already done the work to choose the amp/amps, effects, where to store it and even what to call it and I would find it hard to believe they did not write this down. They just chose not to share it with their customers (that is what is frustrating). When they add something in an update, they add to the document or just have a new one with only the new additions. It seems this is what I will need to do, but the whole point of having so many amps, cabs, and effects is so I don't have to settle for a half dozen tones. The point is that before I start writing or working on a song I can't know what tone I want to use. When I'm in the middle of it and have a tone in my head it would be nice to get that tone or at least close to it quickly.
  5. I use an Edirol IO that acts as the soundcard, but if I start Calkwalk with the POD's USB plugged in it defaults to using the POD as the soundcard. There may be a way to do it but I'm not technical enough to know how...just a simple guitarist. I did not buy the POD for the presets. I'm not sure why "starting" with a preset to save time is such a hard concept to grasp. As an example, if you wanted a VH tone you know you need a Marshall, a phaser and a delay. If you add those one at a time you still need to tweak them to sound right, so you've saved no time on tweaking the sound by building your tone piece by piece. Why not go to a preset with the Marshall, phaser and delay already lined up for you, then tweak to get them to sound right?
  6. I'd like to think things can change for the better. Actually this post is specifically about presets. So, I'm recording and have an idea for a part and I know I want a certain tone. I should...Shut down Cakewalk, shut off the POD, connect the USB, start the POD, start Edit, look for the tone I want to start with, write that down, unplug the USB, start Cakewalk again, load the project, load the preset, tweak it and then record? Sounds much more time consuming than looking at a sheet, turning to that channel, tweaking the sound and recording. Basically, what I don't get is why you have a problem with me requesting such a document. We've already established some people would want one. Thanks for the link. I did not know about this. I will add that the complexity of developing the eq to show db is MUCH greater than printing a piece of paper. I don't feel like I'm really asking that much compared to requests like that, but I guess I am. Trust me, I know the presets are horrible sounding and I would never use one without adjusting it. I talk with my friend in Taiwan every week and half the time we talk about Line 6. Most of that time is spent talking about how awesome they are but many times we talk about how poor the presets are, who creates them and why they still have a job. Again though, I use presets as a quick starting point like a template that I tweak to taste. I don't care if you build your tone one piece at a time you still need to tweak that tone. I get if you only play in one style of music that creating a couple of tones would be easy, but if you write in a large variety of styles and want to take full advantage of what the POD can do it's a much larger task. When I'm sketching out a song I want to do things FAST and keep the inspiration going. I will always go back and re-record everything and make sure to spend time getting the tone I want but in the initial phase of creation speed is more important than the ultimate tone. That is easily changed down the road. It's fine if you all do it differently but this is how I like to work. I'll leave it at that. It appears no one on this post agrees a document like this would be useful and some appear to be posting just to make fun of someone they perceive a new Line 6 user. Thanks for all the ..uh....help....and encouraging words :huh:
  7. A Preset is just a starting point that quickly lines up several things like pedals, amps, cabs, and guitars with a Variax. When you're writing and have a tone in your head presets are often the quickest way to get close to that tone. Then it's just a matter of tweaking the preset to taste.
  8. First of all, you keep bringing up 'first world issues" as if this is a major issue in my life. I'll remind you this is the Line 6 POD HD forum, not a political "world problems" website. I'm sorry you find my choice of words over-the-top but I feel they are appropriate. OK. maybe "pathetic" is strong but yeah, having to surf through 256 patches, broken up into 4 set lists where you can only see four at a time on a 2" x 3" screen is a nightmare in my humble opinion. And, yes it is upsetting that for Line 6 to include this information in their manual would have been minimal work compared to what they (and some on this post) are asking me to do to get that same information. The ironic thing is that I bet someone at Line 6 has this info, most likely in an Excel doc just sitting on their PC. I apologize if you think my points are too much but you need to understand my hope was for a Line 6 employee to see my post and just be one more squeaky wheel on this topic I have seen before but no resolved. You can make fun of me and I can take all these negative votes but I'd like to think part of this forum is for feedback to Line 6 to improve their products. POD HD comes out without a power switch, everyone bitches, Line 6 listens...the new model has a power switch! Again, I do this out of love :wub: for Line 6. I've used them for over 15 years and they are all I use from my Variax to my amp...I just know they can do better.
  9. I wouldn't say I'm upset, I made the post almost a month ago and just checked today to see responses. Frustrated?.Yes. Again, maybe I'm out of line with expecting a list of presets but I know a lot of guys who would love one. You can even search through the Line 6 forum and see I'm not the first person looking for this. Feel free to disagree about potential sales. I worked at Guitar Center long enough and have been in the community to know that many guitarists think Line 6 is junk because their only experience has been playing through a setup and a store and thumbing through the presets blind. If you don't know Line 6 stuff and you want to hear what a JCM-800 model sounds like or a Hi-Watt it can be hard to find. You might not agree that a list would be beneficial but I disagree.
  10. I see you guys are satisfied with getting 90% there on the products you purchase. I expect more from a company like Line 6.
  11. Ok, everybody had their fun??? Clearly most of you have more time to spend navigating your POD HD's than I do. When I am recording and I "need" a certain tone I wish I could just look at a sheet..."oh, Fender Twin with delay...go to patch 13D...etc." I agree that Edit would speed things up but when I'm running Calkwalk I don't connect the USB to the POD because then Calkwalk defaults to the POD as the sound card, and this still requires me to load every preset to see what amps/effects are in it. Not sure I estimated how long it would take, but ok... I am aware and I'm not intending to use any presets but they would be a good place to start. I'm sorry but the names do not give a description of what amps and effects are in each preset...they are useless. When I am inspired musically I don't want to stop that creative process to play with my POD for 30 minutes, I just want to find a patch, tweak it a little and record. My point is this, someone at Line 6 took an enormous amount of time to create all those presets. The fact they did not write that down to include in the manual or on the website is, as I said pathetic. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Line 6 fan and I've owned many devices since their inception. You would be hard pressed to find a bigger advocate for Line 6 than me, but little things like this are upsetting. I've had so many guitarist tell me that Line 6 sucks and that is because if you are not familiar with Line 6 it's hard to try something at a music store and get a feel for it. As the Real Zap stated, most of the presets are junk so just flipping through them would leave a bad taste with most guitarists. Imagine how many more devices they could sell if they just had a list of what amps are on what presets. Seems simple, but based on the comments I guess I'm asking for too much.
  12. I may be missing something here but after several attempts to find a preset list on the internet for my POD HD500 has come up empty. It seems that Line6 does not have one. Come on Line6 that is PATHETIC!!! You guys created the presets, would it have been that hard to write them down!!! I love Line6 products and own a ton but this kind of lack of support is incredibly frustrating. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE write down a list of your presets that mention the amp, cab, and effects. PLEASE!!! It takes forever to go through all the presets and move the little cursor over to find out what effects are in it, having to mess with your volume for every patch. It's a nightmare!
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