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  1. I've had my JTV-59 for nearly 7 years. I have been hoping for a fix for the "thinner and brighter" low E string for nearly 7 years. I'm a professional musician who's pushing 60 years old. I've been around and know my way around guitars pretty darn well. This is NOT a Piezo problem. (I've swapped Piezos to no avail) It's NOT a string type or size problem. It's NOT a "thin model" vs "thick model" problem. (I hear the problem on ALL models though it is definitely more pronounced on some models more than others). It is most definitely a software problem. I wish Line 6 could acknowledge this and work on a fix instead of continuing to deny the problem's existence. I have an idea for a way we can at least make this problem a little less noticeable. If we can adjust the volume of each individual string in Workbench, why can't we also adjust the TONE of each individual string. How about it Line 6? This way, all of us who are experiencing this problem could run the tone control back a bit on our low E strings and at least limit the amount of "thin brightness" we all hear. Any takers there in Tech Support?
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