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  1. Thank you both for your input....problem sorted. I did a global reset and restore from backup and the Rockerverb reappeared on the unit but still not in hx edit. So I went and checked on the downloads page and I had hx edit 3.10 so now I have 3.11 and the Rockerverb is back in the HX Edit list too! I knew the forum wouldn't let me down! Much appreciated really!
  2. Thanks for replying...sorry I haven't replied earlier, work has been crazy and not had a chance to do anything about it.....I will definitely look at that now. To answer your question I was in HX Edit. I think it is the current one as I have been using it fine and the amp was there before...even minutes before.... but I will double check now. Also it doesn't appear on the main unit either when I look. I also checked for updates and it said I was all up to date. When I got the unit it was a few updates behind so I worked through them in order and did them making sure to put older versions of things like HX Edit in a separate folder so as not to accidentally use an old version...but I see why you are suggesting it might be an old version before the Rockerverb was added.
  3. Hi everyone. Can anyone please help or shed some light on what might have happened?...so the chain of events was..... I was working on a preset that contained the Mandarin Rocker as a separate amp with a separate cab block using HX Edit with my Helix LT...... all was fine, I finished, saved it and moved on. Whilst setting up the next preset from scratch I saw the Mandarin Rocker was missing from the Amp List not only as an amp but also as an amp and cab block also... I went back to check the previous preset and there was nothing where the amp block had previously been and the same for any preset where I had used the Mandarin Rocker. I tried reloading a previous backup but it was still not there! Any suggestions or ideas as to what happened? I have checked for updates and it says I am fully up to date. Thanks fellow Helix users.
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