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  1. Hi All, I am a new user, so forgive the potentially naive question. I am running a Helix LT in 4cm, into one of twp amp heads - a PRS H-series, and a H+K GM. I love the versatility - especially with the H+K, where I am able to send midi commands to the amp to control anything. Tweakers paradise. My newby question is this. Will it damage the power amp if you sent too much signal from the Helix amp model into the heads FX loop return? I had some issues with the H+K, and wonder if too much incoming load caused it to be damaged. But that is an incredibly complicated amp, and it may be totally unrelated. The PRS is a workhorse. Before I start messing with it, should I be aware of anything in terms of overloading the input? For context, my 1/4 helix out (for the amp fx return) is set to line-level, as that seems right considering that nominally with no Helix involved, that side of the head would recieve preamped input, so higher-juice. Thoughts please? Happy to answer guiding questions.
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