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  1. Yes I definitely agree - this is very close but the original has this quality to it that just makes it sparkle - you can hear it when palm muting and letting a muted note "ring" - it just has this fullness to it which is so hard to replicate and makes the tone. @bFooz - thanks for the preset, it is very close. I am trying different IRs (ownhammer heavy hitters) to see if I can bring it closer @rd2rk - thanks for all the work in trying to replicate this!
  2. I've spent the last few months trying and failing to create the tone from Guitar Amps - Hot Solo - Thrash Solo + I've tried almost every setup and I can never get that sweet spot of great brightest and creamy low end chug. If any of you are familiar with this sound/preset you will know what I mean. What blows my mind is that Guitar Rig 5 is so dated but this amazing tone cannot be replicated on the Helix? Can anyone give me any tips or hints?
  3. If you go to Styles - Metal - Big Monster that's where I find it. But yes also under the Guitar Amps>Hot Solo - Thrash Solo + is the exact settings I use (Thrash Solo+ is a small tweak of Big Monster). If you can replicate this tone and let me know the settings I will literally do anything for you man!!!
  4. I've struggled and failed for months to replicate the Big Monster or Thrash Solo+ preset from Guitar Rig 5 on my Helix (it's based on an overdriven Soldano SLO100 amp, but even with the Helix SLO100 version it still does not get close to GR5 - if any of you are familiar with this particular tone, you will know what I mean). Just had a recording session with my producer this weekend and we tried again but could not really get that creamy low end chug and high end clarity that the GR5 preset has. I am now thinking of using a laptop and interface with GR5 live that goes into my Helix LT and use the effects off there. What I am thinking is guitar - interface - laptop - Helix LT - FOH and FRFR. Would this work? I would use my Helix purely for effects and maybe a clean sound (I'm thinking setting up a snapshot where my dirt would be GR5 and another where cleans would be purely Helix...I guess I will need to find a way to bypass the GR5 preset in that case). I know this sounds complicated but I swear...I haven't found a preset or amp on Helix that can match that GR5 metal tone! If anyone has experience getting a similar sound from Helix - please let me know.
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