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  1. Currently I have my Helix set to 8 Snapshots mode and the up/down switches set to Presets. Is there a way to defer the patch change until I click on a specific snapshot in the new patch? Is there another way I can configure my switches to make that happen?
  2. I hadn't tried that. It seemed to help temporarily, but I'm back to having the same issue again.
  3. My DL4 has an odd issue, maybe someone has encountered this before and knows how to fix it. When I'm in looper mode randomly the 1/2 speed/reverse switch will activate. Might end up half speed, might end up reversed, might end up reversed and half speed, there doesn't seem to be a pattern too it, at least not one I can figure out. Any ideas? I bought it used a few years ago so warranty and a return are out the window.
  4. I'm attempting to do a firmware update on my Helix but the Line 6 Updater isn't recognizing it. The Helix software sees it so I can move/import/export patches. I also made sure my Line 6 Updater was current. Any idea?
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