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  1. HI, thanks for the reply. I don't believe it's a power issue because the mute light stays on all the time. I'm thinking this is a fault issue somewhere.
  2. HI, we have had our Line 6 XD-V70 for a long time without any issues. This last Sunday the receiver went bonkers and it stopped working. The first thing that happened was the mute light was on, on the receiver and no matter what we did with the mic, the light remained on, even when the mic was not muted. I also noted that the screen on the receiver was blank when the mic was on but the minute we turned the mic off, the normal information returned. I unplugged the receiver and then restarted it. It went back to normal for a couple of seconds and then the mute light came back on and the screen went blank because the mic was on. Then the backlighting on the screen kept going on and off causing a clicking sound in the sound system. We normally keep the receiver on all the time with the mic off until we are ready to use it. Any ideas on what is wrong? Thanks, Ross
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