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  1. Whoa this is kinda the idea I was looking for! The branch idea might just work. The issue I ran into with simply assigning “drive” to the EXP pedal was that as soon as I clicked the distortion block on using the foot switch, the tone was immediately colored by the distortion block’s EQ settings. I was hoping for a truly pure, unaffected dry signal at heel position being blended into the distortion block as pedal is pushed. The branch idea you mentioned seems logical to me. I’ll let ya know how it works!
  2. Hey all! Is there a way to use the expression pedal to blend a dry signal into one of the distortions on a block? There’s a “Mix Level” on a lot of other effects (reverb, comp, delay, etc) but not on any of the distortions. I would love to have a dry signal in the exp pedal up position, and get progressively crunchier as I push down but I can’t figure it out. Thx for any help!
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