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  1. Hi; I see this has been an ongoing problem, but I need three (3) battery doors for my TBP12 transmitters, and nobody seems to have them. Black duct tape will only last so long. Clearly with the demand for this part, one could assume it's a weak point, prone to failure. Has the TBP12 been discontinued, or is this a supply-chain issue?
  2. Just in case anyone was following this question, yes, it appears to work as I suspected; you can go in with signal on both the left and right inputs and then sum them to mono using the left/mono output.
  3. The Godlyke Powerall will power the older Line 6 stomp modellers - MM4, DL4, etc, but won't power the M5/9/13. They need 9v AC, 1000mA, the Powerall is 9v DC. Maybe it's just the words you chose, but your description of your cabling made me have to comment. The IN of the single pedal shouldn't attach anywhere to the M5. Signal flows from your guitar, through your pedals, to your amp, so the signal chain should go: guitar -> IN pedal 1, OUT pedal 1 -> IN pedal 2, OUT pedal 2 -> IN pedal 3, etc. The OUTput of the pedal before the M5 should be plugged into the INput (mono/L) of the M5, OUTput (L/mono) of the M5 should go to the INput of the next pedal or to your amp.
  4. I have a mono Eleven Rack rig where I want to run three FX in the loop: the two FX before the M9 should be fed by the two loop outs (when set to mono, the loop should output the same signal at both outs) and run in parallel. Can I take the mono out from each of those FX, plug one into the L M9 input, the other into the R input, use the M9 for (mono) delay, rotary, etc, and sum it all to one mono out? Or more simply, can I go into both of the M9's inputs and still use mono FX, and then come out single mono? I could do it with Y-cables, but would rather avoid that if possible...
  5. Hi; I've had an M13 and an M9 for some time, and I find one thing about the Tri Chorus model irritating: when the effect is first activated, there's a weird "ramp up" out-of-tune thing. It's irritating because neither the MM4, the Fulltone TERC, or the real Songbird unit do this. Is it a bug in the model, or is there some way to eliminate it that I haven't found? Thanks in advance...
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