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  1. I’ve figured out how to turn on the wah with the FBV 3 but it’s so hard to turn on I wonder if there’s a way I can setup a patch that uses my external pedal for the wah wah.
  2. The manual for the Spider V says you can engage the wah wah by pressing down hard on the toe of the volume pedal. I can't make this work, has anyone made it work?
  3. In the “manual” for the Spider V mk2 120 it says you can turn the wah wah on and off using the volume pedal. I can’t figure how to do this, anyone know? thanks
  4. Just turned the amp back on and now the volume pedal is controlling the chorus level. How did this happen and how do I change it back to a volume pedal?
  5. Thanks, I finally figured out how to access the other effects using the rotary knob. My only question now is is there a way turn the wah on and off or do I just have leave it on and assign it to it’s own patch?
  6. Sorry but I’m really frustrated with the lack of info in the manual for my new Spider V mk2 120. Literature says you can have 8 simultaneous effects, how? How do I access the noise gate and wah wah? The manual says you can press the Edit button at any time to bring the Blocks, when I press it either brings up an edit screen for a single effect or a single amp. Is it really too much to ask for a manual that addresses these things?
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