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  1. Thank you very much for your reply, unfortunately what I have meant is the signal on dirty amp is fluctuating or jumping up and down in the volume, it can be heard when letting the strings ring. It sounds like there is a noise gate or some "tremolo" or "univibe" effect, but there is not, it is only the amp sound. The same happens on a clean amp, but is less noticable in the video. It is not also rhytmic, as the tremolo or univibe would be...
  2. Hi, noise gate is off unfortunately, that was also the first think that I've thought off. Don't know what is causing it. Thank you very much for your reply, Martin
  3. Dear Line 6 community, could you please advice to me, I have been experiencing a strange issue with my HX Stomp XL. There is this weird volume changing intensity up and down, mainly on the lower volume. Including the video, where it can be heard. https://youtube.com/shorts/WZw73rK2YoM?feature=share Is it please common or a deffective unit? In the video running it through effect loop, but it does the same with the headphones. Tried changing the cables, guitars and it still persists. Thank you very much for any help, Martin
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