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  1. A video shared by Chelsie Gleason showing a man bothering her with the gym has stunned social media customers. She goes via the take care of ‘justchesslee' on TikTok. Chelsie claimed the man has been “banned” from the gym and alleged that he was arrested through the police after her video blew up. CHELSIE GLEASON'S GYM VIDEO EXPLORED The video of Chelsie working out in the gym while being approached by the person in question has been viewed more than 18 million times. The TikTok shows her lifting weights in the gym while the man is heard speaking in the background. However, what he says isn't clear due to the background noise. Chelsie also had her earphones on, so, she isn't sure what he said either. But, towards the end of the video, he is seen walking away before coming too close to Chelsie. She jumps back and yells “Don't come near me.” She captioned the TikTok “Being a female is fun.” JUSTCHESSLEE DETAILS HER EXPERIENCE WITH THE MAN The following day, Chelsie uploaded two TikToks to explain in detail what happened and why the man was finally banned from the gym. In the first video, the TikToker claims the person seemed “nice” when she first met him. However, his behavior began to change as he would go around making wild claims about others. She said he even alleged that “Taylor Swift was having his baby.” Chelsie claimed he called her a “traitor” and a “b***h”. This apparently went on for almost two months, which is when she decided to share it on a public platform. TIKTOKER THANKS GYM STAFF AND FRIENDS FOR HELPING HER In the second video, Chelsie revealed that the male was arrested after being reported to the police from the gym staff. She thanked them and her friends for supporting her and understanding what she went through. The TikToker has also claimed that after the man was arrested, they found out he had an outstanding warrant against him for stalking another girl in the past.
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