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  1. I connect with a AES/EBU the output mode is set to what line6 recommends (it is set automaticly when I plug in the link cable anyways) The pedals is a tubescreamer (clone). I tried with boss overdrives.... even a friends expensive one (don't remember what). They all sound great. If I put an overdrive as a digital effect it sounds crap. Yes everything is updated to the latest. Anyways I contacted my supplier and am returning everything but the dt25 Head. Since it takes me so long to find nothing good with the HD500x and it takes me a couple of seconds with normal pedals.... I think its wise to drop this unit back to the supplier. Its just too much of a bother and a waste of time i should spend playing the guitar. Btw it does not make a difference with the amp up loud or silent.
  2. well I was trying to get a good overdrive goin into the clean Blackface and failed with the hd500. On the other hand, If i use a regular stomp pedal its perfect. i have not tried a wah yet on the hd500, i am affraid its going to sound horrible too ...Lol oh well ill keep the hd500 maybe just as a recording tool.... and will give the editor a shot
  3. Hi, I recently bought a used DT25 head / cab and a hd500x. I have been fiddling with it for about a month now and came to the conclusion that the Line6 overdrive/distorting models sound bad. I thought it was me so I bought a couple of analog pedals like a tubescreamer and distortion pedal. Both sound superb, directly in front of the amp or in the hd500x effects loop. If I a/b them the digitally modeled stomps sound like crap/harsh and impossible to dial in a tone. With the analog counterparts it takes me 4 seconds to find a tone that is great. I have 3 days to descide if I wan't to return the HD500X or not. The problem I have is if I return it that I can't access the 30 amp models for the DT25 anymore. Its a bit of a blackmail situation. Did anyone come to the same conclusions as I state here above?
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