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  1. Thank you everyone for your kind, educational and humorous advice. I do know enough to not run a cab emulation into the powercab with it not on FRFR. What I have figured out is my assumption that the amp models would be dialed in relatively close to the actual amps. They are not. EQ is my friend, thanks cruisinon2, and I will adjust to taste. Overall it is an amazing setup and highly tweekable. I purchased the Rhett Schull bundle and found that it is a great starting point for my tone journey with this setup. I am an analog guy who sold all of his analog gear for the sake of clutter and gear hoarding. I will overcome and slay this digital dragon! Thanks for the input. And my dogs for sure live a better life than I do and I wouldn't want to read anything a cat would text for fear of the sarcastic truth the cat would lay down.
  2. I just purchased an HX Stomp along with a powercab 212 plus. I’ve been messing around with it and can’t seem to dial in an amp that actually sounds like they are supposed to. They all sound muddy/muffled. I have purchased some patches and they are ok but shouldn’t a fender deluxe sound like a fender deluxe without adding an eq and manipulating it? I think I am probably doing something wrong. I am disappointed and a little confused.
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