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  1. I am coming from a Pod 2.0 which offers a summed and balanced output. My concern was that an unbalanced signal over a 20'+ cable would be noisy. Also, what will happen if the sound guy accidentally has phantom power on? Wouldn't this fry the Pocket Pod? The problem with open mic things is that you just show up and things have to work, so you don't have time to do any trouble shooting etc. Acoustics with preamps or the POD 2.0 just plug and go. It costs money ($35), but what about something like a Rapco Horizon LTIBLOX (overkill?) I want to make the Pocket Pod work like a Pod 2.0, only smaller and battery operated. Thanks!
  2. I play local open mic and small venue things using the venue PA. What is the cleanest way to hook up the Pocket Pod to the PA? (I am not a sound guy). The manual says to use the 1/8th stereo output, but all the cables at venues are 1/4 inch mono or XLR. Would a small DI from the "Amp Out" give a clean sound over the venue's xlr cables? Or would a cheap 1/8" to 1/4" mono adapter from the headphone jack be good enough. I think the latter would be unbalanced and very noisy if attached to a long (cheap?) venue cable. I've done a lot of googling and read the manual, but no venue I've played had 1/8" stereo jacks to attach to their PA. Thanks! mark
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