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  1. I have a Bass PODxt Live and I have it plugged in via usb to edit the sounds. I have it plugged into my soundcard so I don't need/want audio from the USB. The computer is also sending audio to the POD and bringing it back. So basically I want to shut up the USB audio. How can I do that?
  2. My Bass Pod xt live has taken to jumping into the amp tone control display all by itself. Seeing the display is not the problem, but the reason it does it, is that it thinks that a tone control has moved. This means that all of my tone settings change to whatever the knobs are set to. It will typically do it a second after I select/reselect a tone. Sometimes it settles for a few minutes, but I never know when it going to change. I've tried tapping around the controls and it does not seem to be vibration ( unless I really thump it) How can I stop it?
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