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  1. Thanks for your answer! I found a manual! Also thanks for clarifying about the sound output, it was really helpful.
  2. Hello music community! I just got a used POD XT Live a month ago, I'm really enjoying the hardware since it's my first ever experience with pedals/pedalboard (I realize this equipment is more than that). Recently I wondered, what those multiple softwares available are? I tried plugin' in the USB and downloading the driver + Line 6 edit + some other softwares but it doesn't seem to recognize the device from the USB door. I'm here to ask for a general guidance to start exploring this tool. Thank You! Is it possible to have more than one output? like one for recording on the PC and other to the amp. I got a crap laptop so I don't know if I'll get delay or noise since the audioboard might be crap too.
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