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  1. Hi all, I'm just starting to work with the looper in the HX Stomp. I've set up command center to have the three buttons as: Play/Stop, Rec/OD, Undo Is there a way though to have a basic erase/clear/reset for the looper? I know in the one button looper setup it's simple, like (I may be remembering wrong) double click and hold? But I'm not sure there's a function like that with the Command Center 3 button setup? Also, is there a way to setup one of the connected Expression pedals to control the loop output volume? Or is there a MIDI CC number that does that? Thanks much! Tom
  2. Hi all, Is there any sort of MIDI table in the HX Stomp? Something that would allow it to change to say patch 3C (patch 9?) when it sees MIDI program change number 27 or 2 or 8 instead of just program change number 9? It's something I've been used to having in units from other companies, but I'm not seeing it? So it seems like the answer is no, but maybe I'm missing it? Fingers crossed. Thanks!
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