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  1. So I just look at the vu meter of the mixer and try not to just clip, leaving the history of the bypassed blocks alone, I hope I have understood correctly! One more thing, does the sound engineer use the right gain / trim to lower or raise my signal? But doesn't he distort the sound a bit regardless, or does he have to boost it to clipping? Excuse me if I ask silly questions, but before I was the type of analogue kick head and pad and I still miss a few things !!Thanks for the replies anyway
  2. Hi everyone I have another of my doubts about helix! I read around that by connecting helix directly to foh you have to do gain staging, so in theory you have to add the various blaches without these exceeding the signal of an empty preset so with the bypassed blocks (except the boosts for example), my question is the following: How do I get the same level as an empty preset when it comes to amp blocks? Shouldn't a clean with the same volume be heard more than a distorted sound, which is heavily hit and gets lost in the mix? I hope I explained myself well thank you very much
  3. Shu83kk

    Live at home!

    I have a Mac book pro with logic pro and I could use it to level the various presets ok, but how should I adjust with the levels? I've read some say - 24 to - 18 others up to - 12 or more, is that the right way? Sorry for the stupid questions but I am new to helix and would like to exploit it as soon as possible
  4. Shu83kk

    Live at home!

    Hi everyone, I have a doubt that I ask you to kindly resolve! If during a live or in the rehearsal room we connect to the mixer with an xrl cable at mic level, to be closer to these situations even at home isn't it convenient to take a small mixer? So I could also see on the mixer if I go into clipping! At home I connect to a headrush 112 via line level xrl cable. Tell me yours please, I would like to create patches and level them while remaining with a configuration as close as possible to that of a live! I hope I was clear and thank you very much in advance !!
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