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  1. update: for some reason i finally was able to register the product...maybe line6 site had some trouble during my previous attempts...thanks anyway !!
  2. thanks..no as you can see i have a line6 account..the problem i get is with the product registration...in order to interact or download presets Line6 ask for that..maybe the previous owner had his own profile with the product registration with the serial number of my hx floor... there must be a way in cases like these to solve the problem..
  3. Hi everyone, i was trying to downolad some presets for my hx floor i bought second hand on february 2022 , but i need to register my product..i tried, following all the steps (SN etc)but i got error, and i'm not able at all to enjoy and sharing presets..is there something i can do? any help appreciated..thanks a lot :) Alex from Italy
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