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  1. !!SOLUTION!! I had an issue where my expression pedal stopped working. I reset to factory settings, ensured I was on the latest firmware, and checked settings. The pedal wouldn't toggle between EXP 1 & 2 and wouldn't register any input at all which was unlike any other issue I saw on the forums. I decided to take my pedal apart to see if I could find the issue and to my surprise and relief, the cable connecting the pedal to the board had become detached. Each connector appears to have glue holding it in the socket as opposed to a clip and in my case the glue had broken and the cable had detached. I've attached pictures below pointing out the cable to look for. I didn't think to take a picture before reattaching it and didn't want to risk detaching it again. I hope this helps someone in the future. **Note: I would recommend keeping track of which screw goes where when taking the pedal apart. A few are different sizes**
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