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  1. Hi all. So i'm having a bit of trouble with this. To start with i have a midi region in logic set to "PROG CHANGE" with the value of 69. On my Helix patch i have the CC value as 69, then 0 1 2 3 etc for my snapshots. Bur it doesn't seem to change. Am i missing something really obvious here? I think I'm on the right lines but falling at a hurdle. thanks in advance Sam
  2. Cheers man, you've been very helpful!
  3. Yep me too! Hate it. I think i might look into impulse responses. Most cases i turned the gain pretty much all the way down and made sure not to use a high gain amp
  4. It's mainly going to be DI'd using the USB (reamping too) straight into Logic. So no live use. I'm also doing demo videos so any help would be great
  5. Cheers Scotty! Do you think it's worth using an amp/cab or just a preamp/cab?
  6. Hey all. Just a quick one. I'm trying to make a preset that will play nicely with some external pedals i'm using to test for a review, but having trouble making a transparent patch that i can put a distortion pedal in front, which doesn't colour the sound. Just wondering if anyone's done this before and if there's a trick i'm missing. Ideally I just want a nice clean amp to put pedals in front of to test/reamp. Any ideas would be great Sam
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